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Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed Against Michigan Dentist

harassmentA dentist based in Bloomfield Hills has been sued by a former employee for sexual harassment.  The suit claims that the dentist exposed himself to her and made sexual comments.  Click here for the full story.

Minimize Risk and Avoid Potential Liability In Your Dental Practice

If you need help with human resources in your practice, why not get help from the leading authority.  Bent Ericksen & Associates can provide comprehensive human resources and employment compliance to help minimize risk and avoid potential liability in your practice.

For more on how Bent Ericksen & Associates can help your dental practice, click here.

New Dental Technology Provides Predictability and Confidence

If I told you that there is a way to increase your diagnostic capabilities and lower your stress, would you be interested?  The new DEXIS CariVu can do just that.

The DEXIS CariVu is exclusively for providing support in the identification of open or incipient caries lesions above the gingiva and for monitoring the progress of such lesions.

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Malpractice lawsuit against a Chicago dentist

judges-gavelA woman filed a lawsuit last Thursday against a Chicago area dentist for malpractice.

The suit claims that a piece of an endo file broke off in her canal and was left there.  According to her claim, she was treated for several months without being told about the piece of file or having the piece removed.

Please click here for more on this lawsuit.


Treatment Plans: What it Takes to Get Patients to Say Yes! (part 4)

Dental Treatment Planning and Case PresentationAs a clinician, it is easy for you see a condition in the mouth and think of ways to address the condition.

I suggest to you that it is even more important to see the patient’s disabilities, which may have no connection to the conditions you see.

How well do you understand the distinction between conditions vs. disabilities? Read more…

Dental Office Lease Strategies

chessSave on Rental Rates by Renewing the Office Lease Early

By Jeremy D. Behar, Cirrus Consulting Group

The North American dental office leasing market, after several years of flat occupancy rates and minimal rental rate increases, is showing signs of expansion. The overall U.S. office vacancy rate dipped from 12.7% at mid-year 2012 to 12.1% as of June 30, 2013, and is projected to move downward over the next three years. Additionally, landlords point to strong demand for 2014 deals which may accelerate the decline in occupancy rates over the next six months.

- read the full article here

5 Reasons a Dental Practice Should Lease Computers

Computers for a Dental Practice

So, Microsoft discontinued support for Windows XP today.  Now what?

If your computer came preloaded with Windows XP, odds are that your computer is at least 6 years old by now, out of warranty, and prone to problems.  To add to the problems, with no more security updates, those Windows XP computers will soon become non-compliant with HIPAA and other best practices.

To be compliant, we are being forced to upgrade.  The question is, how are you planning to upgrade?  Should you lease or should you buy?

Here are five reasons that you may want to lease your computer hardware rather than buying it outright:
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Treatment Plans: What it Takes to Get Patients to Say Yes! (part 3)

Dental Treatment Planning and Case PresentationAs a dentist, you have two roles.  You are both a provider and an advocate.

How well to you understand the distinction between being a provider and being an advocate?  Because the more you define the separation between the two, the more your practice will benefit. Read more…

Does Cone Beam 3D Imaging Fit Into Your Practice?

3D Imaging3D Cone Beam: Where This Multi-Disciplinary Imaging Modality can fit Into Your Practice

3D imaging provides a non-invasive way of gathering more anatomical information than 2D radiography for a wide variety of clinical applications and conditions, such as implants, extractions, oral surgery, orthodontics, TMD, plus sleep and airway disorders.

- read the full article here

Treatment Plans: What it Takes to Get Patients to Say Yes! (part 2)

Dental Treatment Planning and Case PresentationRaising the Dental IQ

It is important to understand the distinction between Education and Understanding.

The traditional approach to case presentation has been focused on patient education.  The goal has been to raise the patient’s Dental IQ.

For the past 30 years it’s been said:
“raise the patient’s dental IQ and you can raise the probability of them accepting complete care dentistry”

Although this may sound good from the front of the room, the experts in the industry, and my experiences have taught me that raising the dental IQ is not a predictable predictor of success relative to case acceptance for complete care. Read more…

Treatment Plans: What it Takes to Get Patients to Say Yes! (part 1)

Dental Treatment Planning and Case PresentationWhat does it take to get a patient to say yes?

It has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

The traditional approach to case acceptance for complex care is not working…so stop the insanity!

There is a another approach that will make it easy for your patients to say “YES”.  I call it the Sane Approach. Read more…

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