The Top 4 Mistakes Dentists Make and How to Best Manage Them

Have you ever sat down and identified the risks facing your dental practice?  How many potential risks can you identify that could result in potentially losing your license, your practice or your freedom? When I thought about it, there were 4 specific areas of concern that hit me like a freight train, and when you see just how potentially vulnerable you are, you may need someone near by to necessitate you. (more…)


Anyone in Your Office Can Repair Your Dental Handpieces

EZ-Press-IIIThe dental handpiece is arguably the most critical tool of everyday dentistry.  Each practitioner has their own personal preferences on brand, size, etc., but I think they’d all agree that when their tools break, it is a big source of stress for the office. (more…)

Why your CPA should be a dental specialist

How a Dental Practice functions book imageMost CPAs are general practitioners.  In most cases, they don’t understand how a dental practice functions or how up-to-date dental equipment is essential to your success.

On the other hand, a dental specialist understands dental technology and the benefits to you and your practice.

Why do you need an accountant who is a dental specialist?

Unless you have “Money to burn”, saving taxes is a good thing! (more…)

Identifying and Eliminating a Culture of Punishment!


Million Dollar PPO logoIdentifying and Eliminating a Culture of Punishment!
By: Million Dollar PPO Practice Consultants

Take a minute and think about your team. Consider how the team treats each other, and how they are treated by the doctor(s).  What words would you use to describe the team, and the office environment?  If words and phrases like “blame, punishment, fault, trouble, bickering, tension, favoritism, fear, walking on eggshells, that’s not my job” are coming up for you, then you work in, have created, or are preserving a culture of punishment. (more…)

5 Strategies to Lower Your Overhead by 20 Points

Tips on how to control overhead in your dental practiceOverhead in dentistry is out of control.  The national average for overhead in the dental office has been around 70% for many years, which means you are only taking home 30 cents on every dollar you are producing.

70% is WAY to HIGH!  It is time to take control of your overhead.

Use the following strategies to get your overhead to 45% – 50%: (more…)

Man Sues Dentist Who Yanked All His Teeth

confused-faceA Missouri man sought treatment for an abscessed tooth and ended up having all thirty two (32) of his teeth pulled.

According to the suit filed in St. Louis County:

That after viewing the panoramic X-ray and determining from plaintiff’s mother that she had a credit card which would pay defendant’s stated charges of $5,235.00, and then charging said amount to the card, defendant extracted all thirty two (32) of plaintiff’s teeth.”

“That plaintiff has subsequently learned that the X-ray showed that plaintiff had at least twenty-eight (28) recoverable teeth imbedded in good bone and gums with a few fillings; and that one of said teeth, the lower right first molar, had a treatable abscess.”

For more on this story, click here.

The World’s First Cordless Ultrasonic Endo Activation Device

EndoUltra™ Cordless Ultrasonic Endo Activation DeviceHot off the press!

Vista™ Dental just launched a new technology in the Endodontic irrigation market.  The EndoUltra™ Cordless Ultrasonic Endo Activation Devices is a product specifically designed for irrigation activation.

Irrigants are more effective when they are electromechanically activated, and ultrasonic is proven to provide optimal canal cleanliness.

What does this mean for you?  Better cleansing in less time…Better penetration of irrigants throughout the canal…Better acoustic streaming with cavitation!

Check out the video below for more information on this exciting new product.

To order the EndoUltra™ Cordless Ultrasonic Endo Activation Device, click here.